Shipment & Delivery

When will my order arrive when I order a Monokido? How much will my shipping cost be? What times will it be delivered? Questions like these don’t run through your mind, you know them all before you order. So only nice surprises remain!

When will my monokido order arrive?

Your order from Monokido.com will be delivered by the Monokido Team within 2 working days at the latest. If you are a member, you can check the status of your order at any time from the past orders section under my account.

How much is your shipping fee?

For your purchases of 300 TL or more at a time from Monokido, the shipping fee is completely free. For lower order amounts, each time you place an order from Monokido, the shipping cost is also calculated during the ordering steps. You will know the shipping cost before order confirmation.

Can I change the delivery address if my order has been shipped?

If your cargo has not been processed, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] so that we can forward your current address information to the cargo company.

Why do you send the invoice on the package?

Monokido is legally obliged to send the invoice of your order on the package and to write your name and surname.

In what time frame will my order be delivered?

Your orders will be delivered to the address you specified during the order between 09:00 – 18:00 on weekdays and Saturdays. No deliveries are made on public holidays.

Can I change the recipient person or shipping address of my order?

You can change your delivery address if your order is in ‘pending’ status by checking the status of your order in the my account section on the main page. You can send an e-mail to [email protected] with your new recipient information or new address.

My order arrived when I was not at my address, what should I do?

In cases where you cannot be found at your address, a note is left by the cargo company informing you that you can pick up your Monokido package from the nearest branch. If you do not receive your package from the specified branch within 3 days, your order will be returned to us. Please contact us at Monokido Customer Service at [email protected]

Do you deliver abroad?

Monokido ships internationally. You can follow all the information and developments about us on our social media accounts.#monokido

Returns & Exchanges

We work and adapt to the conditions so that you get the best possible service. If you have any questions, please contact Monokido.com on the Monokido social accounts and our customer service team.

That trousers you eagerly ordered from Monokido didn’t fit you well, or was your body not full? Is you looking at the product and the product looking at you? We know how you feel. Sometimes it happens to us too. No problem. If the product you receive does not bring you to your best condition or is defective, you can return or exchange it. How Does? In a few simple steps!

How long do I have to return it?

If you are unable to receive your order due to delivery issues due to the current situation, you can request a refund You have 30 days to return your order

How long is the return and exchange period?

The right of withdrawal without giving any reason in the Consumer Law includes only the first 14 days following the day you receive the product. If you want to return it due to any defect in the product, this period is 30 days.

What can I do if the product I received is the wrong size or defective?

First of all, we are very sorry. Wrong product, wrong size and wrong color etc caused by Monokido. You can return the products sent as unused, without losing their salable feature, by contacting our [email protected] Customer Service within 30 days from the date of delivery, without paying any shipping charges. However, we ask you not to exceed 30 days, unfortunately we cannot return or exchange your products in cases exceeding this period.

How can I contact?

We care about everything you share with us to be the best of ourselves. By sending us an e-mail to [email protected], phone 0850 399 68 14 or contact us page You can contact us by leaving a message.

How can I return it?

You can return the product within 14 days from the delivery date at the latest by cargo with a counter payment. If the specified time is exceeded, we regret that we cannot process your refund.

We cannot return or exchange the products that have expired, without invoices, tags, used and have lost their resaleability or damaged products. We kindly ask you to pay attention to these conditions before sending them for return or exchange. Otherwise, we send the products back to you against payment.

After your return is reviewed by us, we get back to you and start the process. With your return approval, we return your product fee to you within 14 days at the latest, provided that we can reach you from your contact number. The transfer of the fee to your accounts after the return process may vary depending on the processes of your bank. As Monokido, we cannot interfere with your bank’s processes. We refund the entire price of the product you have purchased in installments to your credit card, but the refund of the return is reflected on your credit card by your bank, again in installments. We cannot take responsibility for delays caused by contact numbers that we cannot reach, please do not leave our calls unanswered. For detailed information, you can request information from [email protected] e-mail address.

Payment details

What are your payment options?

It’s easy to shop from Monokido! At Monokido.com, you can make your payments with any credit card with the Mastercard or Visa logo.

We do not have a cash on delivery option for your orders from Monokido.com.

Is it safe to shop from Monokido?

At Monokido.com, we only use your credit card information while ordering and we never keep it in the database. In order to ensure that your information is really sent to Monokido.com, we use an SSL Certificate that ensures the security of the information transmitted with 2048 bit encryption.

PAYU infrastructure, one of the world’s leading credit card payment system providers, is used in all your shopping with your credit card at Monokido.com. You can find detailed information about PAYU at www.payu.com.tr.

Do you pay in installments on purchases?

We make installments for your purchases from Monokido. After selecting your credit card and card type at the last stage of the purchase process, you can specify the number of installments you want from the “Installation Options” section that appears automatically on the same screen. On our site, you can shop in installments with all your credit cards that feature Axess, Bonus, Maximum, World, Cardfinans, Paraf, Asyacard. Other than the above-mentioned credit cards, shopping in installments cannot be made with other credit cards; With your credit cards that do not have Axess, Bonus, Maximum, World, Cardfinans, Paraf, Asyacard features, you can make your purchases in one payment, without installments.

In accordance with the amendment in the Regulation on Bank Cards and Credit Cards published in the Official Gazette dated 10/3/2007 and numbered 26458, the installment period cannot exceed 9 months. In Monokido, only installments up to 6 months are made in accordance with our payment procedures.

Is there a maturity difference applied to purchases in installments?

We do not apply interest-free installments for your purchases in installments. You can benefit from the interest-free installment option for up to 6 months with all your credit cards that feature Axess, Bonus, Maximum, World, Cardfinans, Paraf, Asyacard at Monokido.