Our philosophy

Our philosophy




We are a team with a total of 30 years of experience in the children’s retail industry. We decided to take all our experiences so far and do the opposite of everything that we do not like in children’s brands. We said that if we take one step, the rest will come, everyone will become conscious and change their consumption habits. We said, ‘Instead of buying a lot but little, he chooses what is less but more’.

Because we live in such a world right now that we have forgotten why we consume. We buy the first one that comes to us or whichever is on sale. We choose pink for girls and blue for boys. Do we really think they are that ordinary? Maybe we don’t just think, we consume whatever is put in front of us. A pile of clothes that we tried to get rid of, worn once or twice afterward.

However, we all deserve to be the best we are. A book we read, a movie we watch, an outfit we wear should give us an experience that will take us one step further than we are… As Monokido, we bring together the best pieces of children’s clothing, the best patterns and forms, and when you combine them with original messages and patterns, you can do no wrong. We offer a style. We believe that the first experiences, the first moments and the first steps on the way to discover your own existence and personality need products designed with the softest and highest quality materials. And what we believe, we produce.

Why unisex?

Why not? We want to inspire humanity to think outside the box; This is the reason why we produce our products unisex. We do not want to imprison girls or boys in boxes by sending gender-focused messages. After all, we design not for boxes, but for small people who have the potential of endless existence.



We at Monokido were born to be the best of our own existence. By combining original forms with extraordinary designs, we set out to become the favorite brand of children in Turkey with our ethical values and sustainable production skills.

We are our philosophy and our state of being; We named it Moodwear. Ours is more of a choice of existence, a stance, than a children’s clothing brand. Monokido is a brand that speaks for a bit.


We seek the best in everything

Monokido children are aware of both their own existence and all beings around them! A snail, a bird, a friend or a flower… They are all sensitive to their emotions, their way of being, and their inner essence.

At Monokido we inspire children and adults to discover the best in themselves. And we say… Superman is not the only superhero, everyone who can reach the best version of himself is a superhero.

That’s why we brought together only the best in Monokido so that the best in children can come out… Your best, best design, best quality, best creativity…

That’s the story of Monokido.